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Let us not forget the contribution of free economies to making life safer. It wasn’t the regulations that made the difference. It was the innovations in the context of free enterprise
My experience with an earthquake last week deeply affected me in ways I could not have anticipated. Life was going along normally in a 16-story hotel in Acapulco. Then the room began to move. I thought was imagining things. Then the windows began to shake and make noise, which was proof to me that something was happening. The rumbling and shaking got worse, and then it was clear: I’m experiencing an earthquake.
Fractional-Reserve Banking and the Sharing Economy
This is the most compelling short piece in defense of what is called "fractional reserve banking" that I've seen. It is not "fraud" to own your home and yet rent it out when you are away. Similarly, if you have money in the bank, you can put it to use by others when you aren't using it. This article also nicely explains a topic that many find difficult to grasp: supply and demand for money.
American Culture Has Become Unbearably Toxic - Jeffrey Tucker -
I’ve always thought of myself as a true-blue American, deeply loyal to the great country where freedom found its fullest expression. I could never have imagined becoming an expat. Too much to miss. Too much glory to leave behind. For the first time, I’m not so sure. On the plane coming home from Mexico, I find myself dreading the conversations, rolling my eyes at the tales of woe from my compatriots, sickened to be browbeaten daily by the parade of piety by the new Victorians from their perches of power.
Exit Scans are Here
It happened again. I was just about to board an international flight leaving out of Atlanta. A US marshall stood in the path. He and an assistant had a machine and a pad with footprint decals. I was instructed to stand there. A machine scanned my face, found just the right frame, and snapped a pictu...
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